Hello guys! A nice grind for all!


My Rafael Torrez, I'm 21 and a brazilian guy. I'm starting writing this blog with two ideas in my mind. 

At first, as my native language is the portuguese, I need a way to improve my english. So, at now, sorry about my limited vocabulary and some possible mistakes along the text. As the best and most easy thing to write about is that thing We love, I will write about poker.

Better, I will write about my poker experience and trajectory, and the poker scenary in my country. And I will write about it starting now, that way everythig that I write here, will be in same way a little picture about the experience of young brazilian people like me that wants to keep poker along their lives.

One curious thing for you guys. Poker was recently accepted in Brazil as a sport by the Ministry of Sports and the Brazilian Confederation of Texas Hold'em was eleved to status of national sport association, being now in the same floor that the Brazilian Confederation of Soccer or Brazilian Confederation of Basketball, as exemple. Furthermore, last year poker was the sport with the fastest growing here, specially among young people.

The second (and most strong) idea that impelled me to start this blog is the dream of became a poker star.

As the most of us, poker lovers, I started plaiying poker just for fun with my friends and just some years after this, discovered the real and gorgeous world of poker.  At the first year I played a lot of tournaments, and a lot of this online, but without much success.

After this year I slow down with the poker and focused my mind on my college graduation. Althought I never left my passion about poker die, I was playing a little, and my game had suffered the consequences.

Now I've decided to restart in the poker road and return to play poker hard. So, I started this blog to record my new trajectory in this fantastic world, and as a way to keep my mind focused and find improve my game day after day.

By now, it's bet, raise and chips on the felt.